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LENA in South Carolina

Making every interaction count and transforming children's futures

LENA (Language ENvironment Analysis) is a national nonprofit on a mission to transform children's futures through early talk technology and data-driven programs. LENA works with a wide range of partner organizations to boost early brain development and improve kindergarten readiness for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.

Since 2019, LENA has served 1,200 children and 160 early childhood educators in South Carolina, and LENA technology has recorded over 2.5 million conversational turns. Put your community on the map!



2.5 million

LENA Grow offers evidence-based professional development for infant, toddler, and preschool teachers.
LENA Start builds school readiness and strengthens families with parent-group classes.
LENA SP offers reliable, detailed language environment data in research and clinical applications.

Did you know?

LENA has crosswalks with Head Start, CLASS, The Pyramid Model, ZERO TO THREE, and more!

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 Staff Member
“School readiness is terrifically complex and happens over a wide variety of domains. …Third-grade literacy is not something that happens in second grade. … School districts would be very wise to engage well with the preschool providers in their communities, to share professional development opportunities, to share resources like LENA.”
Dan Wuori
Senior Director of Early Learning at The Hunt Institute and former Deputy Director of S.C. First Steps

Interested in bringing LENA to your community?

LENA is scaling quickly and has a goal to impact over 100,000 children annually worldwide by 2025. Whether you're with a library, school district, CCR&R, state agency, university-community partnership, public health initiative, or any other organization interested in improving early childhood outcomes, we invite you to learn more about bringing LENA to your community.

 Staff Member

Connect with Beth Mayeaux,
Regional Partnerships Director

Blog Posts

Read these and other stories about partner success stories and research findings in South Carolina and beyond.

Cherokee-County-kindergarten-study (1)

Kindergarten readiness, parent education, and conversational turns: A statistically significant correlation in a rural South Carolina school district

A study out of Cherokee County, S.C., has found a correlation between parent participation in LENA programs and higher scores on the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment.

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Grow PD graphic_3-01

School districts use LENA programs to improve kindergarten readiness, child outcomes

What if we looked at early childhood education as an extension of “school”?

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A teacher, a coach, and an administrator on LENA Grow's impact: Webinar highlights

Highlights from a webinar where we hear directly from a teacher, coach, and administrator using LENA Grow.

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On-Demand Webinars


Evaluating LENA Grow's impact on early childhood education classrooms

While we’ve long known about the importance of early adult-child interactions, a research focus on children’s language experiences in child care classrooms has been long overdue.

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The link between language and socioemotional development

Many previous studies have drawn connections between the quantity of back-and-forth interactions in early childhood and later linguistic and cognitive skills. Importantly, newly published research conducted in Chile has taken a novel direction, determining that infants’ language environments predict their socioemotional skills one year later.

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202201_BirmginhamTalks_Grow80 copy

Kindergarten readiness and conversational turns: Study results point to a boost from LENA Start

Being an early childhood educator has always been challenging, but it seems to be getting harder. Crashing into yet another COVID wave in 2022, retaining staff and making them feel valued is top of mind. Yet, more often than not, we forget to ask the most important stakeholders of all: the teachers themselves.

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