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Building Classroom Quality Through Language

June 5, 2019 from 3-4 p.m. EDT

Learn about how organizations can support teachers in building classroom quality through interactive language, featuring guest presenter Sarah Hadden from Teachstone. We'll discuss why classroom language matters, where we stand, and the challenges and opportunities associated with increasing interactions. Sign up now! 


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Maximizing Coaching Sessions with LENA Grow Data

On demand

How do we support teachers in making strong connections between data and action? Join us as we talk through the insights embedded in LENA metrics and strategies for using them to foster a strengths-based dialogue with teachers that builds enthusiasm for classroom talk. Watch now!




LENA Start: Overview & Outcomes

On demand  

Join us to learn more about the effectiveness and ease of implementation of LENA Start, a parent group model designed to support increased early language development and interaction. Watch now! 




LENA Grow Outcomes

On demand

Find out how LENA Grow is helping teachers to increase talk and interactive conversations in early childhood classrooms, and learn about the impacts we've seen with the program so far. Hear what teachers and coaches participating across the country are saying about the program! Watch now! 




LENA Home: Overview & Outcomes

On demand

Learn about LENA Home, an add-on to existing home visiting programs that combines a flexible, research-based curriculum with evidence-based feedback from LENA technology. Find out how LENA is helping parents and home visitors collaborate to improve children's language environments. Watch now!  



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Introduction to LENA SP

On demand 

Learn more about LENA SP, a tool for researchers, clinicians, language professionals, and others who need detailed, scientifically reliable speech-language measurements of children 2 months to 48 months oldWatch now! 



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2018: The Year of the Conversational Turn

On demand

Three studies published this year have shown the relationship between conversational turns and brain development. Join us for a discussion with the lead researchers, Drs. Jill Gilkerson and Rachel Romeo, moderated by Shannon Rudisill of the Early Childhood Funders Collaborative. Watch now! 




Field notes: LENA Start implementers on building community partnerships

On demand 

Forming partnerships is one of the most effective ways to supercharge your program’s reach and impact. In this webinar, hear from a panel of representatives from LENA Start sites on how they’ve identified and engaged key partners. This webinar has passed, but you will be emailed a link to watch the recorded version when you register here! 




Head Start Alignment: Parent, Family, and Community Engagement

On demand

Join us for a discussion on how LENA programs align with Head Start’s Parent, Family, and Community Engagement Framework by supporting parents, caregivers, and early childhood teachers in increasing talk with young children. This webinar has passed, but you will be emailed a link to watch the recorded version when you register here!