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Ready to start recruiting?


Learn how to reach more families and fill every seat in your program.

Includes new section on virtual recruitment!

An effective recruitment strategy is at the core of your program’s success, and, ultimately, its impact on the community. But it's often one of the hardest parts of program management, and offering programs virtually or through a hybrid model creates new challenges in an already difficult task. 

In this guide, you'll find practical strategies for recruiting families to both in-person and virtual community programs. Recruitment is about creating strong relationships with families and local institutions, and these pages contain dozens of practical tips for building connections. 

While recruitment will look different in each community, this Guide to Recruiting Families for Community Programs outlines commonalities and best practices from more than 50 LENA sites across the country to help you get started.

Learn how to:

  • Plan logistics to optimize family engagement.
  • Generate high levels of interest and engagement in a digital context.
  • Create strong messaging that captures the interest of prospective families. 
  • Utilize community partners to spread the word about your program (and review a list of ideas of organizations to connect with). 
  • Develop strategies for building effective long-term partnerships.