Introduction to LENA for Head Start Association Staff

Introduction to LENA for Head Start Association Staff

On Demand

15 minutes

Join LENA, a national nonprofit, to learn about how we partner with Head Start programs to promote language and literacy skill development in both center- and home-based programs. LENA uses an innovative, research-based approach that provides objective data on children’s talk environments to help foster a positive climate and improve child outcomes without increasing provider stress. This objective data is particularly critical amidst increasing concern that social distancing and mask requirements are curtailing teacher-child interactions.


We’ll discuss:

  • The key components of LENA Grow's job-embedded feedback and coaching model for providers.
  • How Head Start programs are using LENA Grow to improve the quality and quantity of teacher-child interactions and increase school readiness.
  • How we can partner with your State or Regional Head Head Start Association or Head Start State Collaboration Office to offer educational content to your members.

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