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A conversation with Black Family Development on culturally responsive programming through a racial equity lens

A conversation with Black Family Development on culturally responsive programming through a racial equity lens

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Duration: 54 minutes

We know that parents and primary caregivers are our children’s first teachers. To reach those earliest learners, we must engage the whole family. Families have their own cultural strengths and identities, and for true family engagement work to be impactful, we must affirm and honor those backgrounds. Team members and organizations can lead by committing to diversity, equity, and inclusion to ensure that their programming is culturally responsive and relevant.

In this webinar, we heard from Black Family Development in Detroit, Michigan, on how their organization implements programming through a racial equity lens to achieve their mission. Through hearing their commitments and stories, we can continue to learn about ourselves and apply their ideas to our work.
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About Kenyatta Stephens

Kenyatta Stephens has 27 years of experience in the human services industry. She serves as the chief executive officer of Black Family Development, Inc., a family-centered, behavioral health organization based in Detroit, Michigan. She holds a master’s degree in psychiatric mental health nursing (child and family) from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, and a bachelor’s degree in nursing from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Kenyatta believes education is the gateway to each person’s success. She has a passion for implementing excellence in the human services industry to empower children, individuals, families, staff, and organizations to be their best. For this reason, LENA Start has held a special place in her heart since Black Family Development, Inc. began the program three years ago.

About Sisi Dong Brinn
Sisi Dong Brinn is currently the regional lead of early childhood partnerships at LENA, a nonprofit that supports the language and literacy development of the earliest learners from birth to three. Sisi is passionate about access to education and opportunities for all students – her work has focused on leadership development, programmatic design and implementation, and facilitation of learning with a diversity, equity, and inclusion lens. Sisi was born in China, and immigrated to the United States at a young age. She received her B.A. from Dickinson College in Pennsylvania and her M.A.T. from the Johns Hopkins University in Maryland.

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