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Building Classroom Quality Through Language


Why does early language matter, and how do we address the challenges associated with increasing interactive talk?

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Duration: 60 minutes

CLASS observations and LENA data are both powerful tools that help us understand the interactions that are happening in infant, toddler, and pre-school classrooms. But what do we really know and how do we most effectively support teachers in boosting these critical interactions? In this joint presentation from LENA and Teachstone, we discuss why classroom language matters, where we stand, and the challenges and opportunities associated with increasing interactions. 

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About Sarah Hadden

Sarah Hadden has over 30 years of experience in the field of early early education, including work as a special education teacher, program support teacher, mentor-coach, researcher, and teacher educator. For the past fifteen years, her work has focused specifically on helping early childhood professionals enhance the quality and responsivity of their interactions with children in order to improve educational outcomes. 


About Steve Hannon

Dr. Stephen M. Hannon is the President of LENA and is thrilled to lead a team of talented people on a mission to close the achievement gap. He brings a wealth of technical and leadership skills spanning a 20-plus year career.

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